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RE131- 1940 Excellent Condition. Vintage Boujad Moroccan Berber Rug. Natural Wool 13×6 ft



13×6 ft


Vintage Moroccan Rug 1940

Authentic, natural and a piece of the Moroccan Soul

Bold use of color and the spontaneity of the weaver in the way shapes are used create striking imagery that looks amazing in any setting. The contrast with the clean lines of a modern interior is particularly pleasing, but wherever you place a Boujaad rug, it stands out as a wonderful, tactile piece of art.

vintage Boujaad rug is  painstakingly sourced to ensure quality and character. It brings the essence of Morocco and the spirit of Berber craft to your interior space. Hand knotted in the traditional way and made from pure, natural wool,  Boujaad rugs represent the best of the region, high-quality pieces that bring Moroccan tradition to life, with wonderful craftsmanship and beauty.



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