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R146- 4.9×3.6 ft- Genuine Colourful Moroccan Berber Rug made of Camel Hair150x110 cm



4.9×3.6 ft- 150×110 cm

Genuine Colourful Moroccan Berber Rug made of Camel Hair


Abstract Moroccan Tuareg carpet from Ait Ouagherda tribal hand woven in middle atlas of Morocco The incredible mixtures of colors: blue yellow, black or white are carefully distributed and harmoniously associated with Berber drawings, lines, stripes and lengths. The Berber artistic expression and the precision of the composition of the Hanbel carpet raises the rich creativity of the Berber weavers.
Firmness, regularity and mixed and diverse finishes such as the addition of embroidery or the presence of fringes on two or four sides are the charm of Ait Ouagherda carpet. Thanks to the combination of traditional Berber craftsmanship and the oriental inspiration of motifs and relatively modern overall design, the Tuareg areas rugs adapts to both vintage and contemporary décor.

Made from Camel and sheep wool, Glaoui rugs are known and valued by the complexity of their making. In fact, they combine three techniques of weaving: the kilim, knotted stitch and embroidery in relief. Kilim rugs are woven flat; the rendering is soft and lightweight. This technique is different than knotted which gives a velvety and soft mat. These rugs are made entirely by hand by the Berber women in the Ouarzazate region. Wool is dyed with natural dyes only. This rug will fit easily in your home with a touch of warmth and authentic. It can also be used in wall hanging. Shipping worldwide. Feel free to contact me for the shipping costs for your country.


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